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“I’m running for the DCCC to help create change. We need to protect those who are low-income and in the middle class. We need to clean up the streets, making San Francisco beautiful for all of its residents and to stimulate economic growth of the small businesses in San Francisco.  I pledge to be a strong advocate for these and other issues that are important to my community, and to encourage young generation of people to get out and vote.”


                                                 — Wendy Chau, Esq.

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Wendy Chau is running for a seat in the SF Democratic County Central Committee because she wants to make a difference in the qualities of life in San Francisco for all.
She would like to implement Civil Rights and Human Rights principles and values into San Francisco's agendas.      
She wants to work with others to improve the area most valuable to everyone such as affordable housing, local education, the environment, health delivery, economic growth and development, care for senior and people with disability, and much more. 
Wendy believes that we can get things done more quickly and efficiently when we work with people who have different viewpoints, versus working against them. Her style is like a mediator's, balancing the interests of different parties.     
Only by working together can we accomplish much.
Act now. Let's do something about these pressing issues and move forward. Wendy is willing to do the work and she will get things done.  If you want something done, vote for Wendy Chau.
Last day to register to vote in the primary election or declare, change partisan is May 23, 2016.  June 7, 2016 is election day.  Vote for Wendy Chau for SF DCCC 2016.
Thank you.                                       


SF DCCC stands for San Francisco County Central Committee (a non-paid position).


The County Central Committee members are average folks who volunteer some of their time to serve our country by serving the Democratic Party. They are publicly elected officials that function, essentially, as the Board of Directors for the San Francisco County Democratic Party. Unlike many other progressive organizations or clubs, they have official duties, as defined by the California Election Code, and carry the official weight of the California Democratic Party for certain matters within our jurisdiction. 


They create policies and address issues in our community.


Some of their duties are as follows:


*Creating resolution, take nonbinding positions on issues of relevance to the Party in the form of resolutions.


*Endorse city candidates 


*Voter Communication: The County Central Committee has the authority to purchase an official ballot statement or to utilize the Registrar's voter index to communicate directly with the electorate. We have utilized these previously to publicize our endorsements and demonstrate our leadership priorities.


*Fundraising: Proposition 34 gives the County Central Committees special authority to raise contributions for Democratic candidates and causes. They host a number of annual banquets and serve as a conduit for individuals and organizations seeking to help like-minded candidates.


*Party-Building Activity: They have the ongoing responsibility of communicating important policy issues to the electorate and continuing to add new registered voters to our Democratic ranks. Within an election cycle, the attention turns to "get out the vote" efforts to maximize electoral participation.


*Many other things not listed on there.



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