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“I’m running for the DCCC to help create change. We need to protect those who are low-income and in the middle class. We also need to clean up the streets, making San Francisco beautiful for all of its residents. I pledge to be a strong advocate for these and other issues that are important to my community.” — Wendy Chau, Esq.



Education is really important, but it is getting more and more expensive and is unaffordable for many. We also need to create more affordable housing, for students and others.  


Education benefits the community and society as a whole. We know that people with college degrees vote more, make more money, and are more understanding and tolerant of others different than themselves, and the list goes on. Take the two together – personal development and social mobility – and education is an incredible force for good. In many ways, it is critical to the American narrative of self-improvement, merit and mobility.  It is also the engine of social mobility, the avenue to better and more meaningful work and thus opportunity for one’s family and community.


With the shortage of affordable housing in San Francisco, Wendy supports more housing development in San Francisco to better balance supply with demand.  We need to work with the developers and not against them in order to build more housing.


Like any issue, the environment is a multi-faceted one. Wendy encourages the physical clean-up of San Francisco streets, particularly in District 6, so that all residents can enjoy the beauty of our city. With respect to broader environmental issues, Wendy promotes green living and the continued reduction of carbon emissions.


As a strong supporter of diversity in our government and communities, Wendy encourages all San Franciscans to exercise their voting rights. She will work to increase voter registration and participation. Her key strategies include advocating for extended voting hours and/or days, scheduling elections on weekends, or declaring election day a holiday.



Wendy will also advocate for low-income and middle class families. She supports an increase in the minimum wage and affordable housing so that people who work in San Francisco can also live here. She encourages tourism and advancements for small businesses in San Francisco, which generate and stimulate growth city-wide.


Wendy began serving the homeless population as a volunteer while in college, and her commitment to this population remains strong. She aims to decrease homelessness by tackling its root causes and by increasing affordable housing in the city.


San Francisco's Chinatown is an important landmark and cultural center of the city. Wendy would like to help attract more business into Chinatown in a variety of ways, including changing street cleaning times to support local business and promote local dining, entertainment, and nightlife. 

I am a supporter of small local businesses.  We can start with Chinatown and then branch to other areas in San Francisco. I would like to stimulate econoimc growth of the small businesses in San Francisco. 


Limited and expensive parking and citations in San Francisco are painful for residents and vistors alike. Wendy would like to see the city build more metered parking garages, which would INCREASE PARKING ACCESS for visitors and reduce parking costs for people who live here while returning funds back to the city to help pay for the parking garages.


There have been many people who lost their jobs due to bullies in the workplace. It is very unfortunate because the workplace is like a person's second home. For some of us, most of our lives are spent in the workplace. There are no laws protecting people from bullying in the workplace. Bullying situations create a hostile environment for employees. I support the Proclamations recognizing Freedom from Workplace Bullies. I want to see the city implement a law protecting employees from workplace bullying. This affects not just hard working minorities but also hard working white Americans as well. Workplace bullying ordinance would protect all of us so that we can be more effective at work.


I also support minimum wage increase, because the cost of living has become more expensive. In order for people to keep their homes or apartment in San Francisco, we will need the minium wage to increase.  Doing so will enable the hard working people to pay their rent or mortgages.  We can not stop the cost of living, but we can help make it easier for people to continue livingin the economy.

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